ESR-project 10

“The socio-economic impact of innovative solutions on regional develpment”

Work package 3: The generation and the impact of social innovations in rural regions

This project is conceptualised to analyse in how far – as an effect of social entrepreneurial activities – economic, political and/or social impacts can be noted. A standardised online survey of experts will be conducted for the five RURACTION regions which are operation fields of the contributing social enterprises. An appropriate set of indicators will be adopted from existing operationalisations in databases such as the OECD Better Life Index and the European System of Social Indicators (GESIS) . Actors of social enterprises, regional economic experts, regional politicians and experts of social welfare associations will be asked to assess in how far jobs have been created, the provision with goods and services has been improved, regional policy strategies for rural development have been modified, social networks have been built, further initiatives have been started, social coherence has been improved, social life has become more vivid, etc.

This project will be hosted at University Institute of Lisbon / Portugal