ESR-project 2

“The political framework for rural development and social entrepreneurship”

Work package 1: Challenges and dynamics of structurally weak regions 

The situation of structurally weak rural regions is also a matter of political support and policy measures. A quantitative online survey of experts will be conducted in the seven selected RURACTION regions. The interviewees will be policy makers from the field of regional and rural development on the regional, national and EU level. It will be examined how the experts assess the importance of structurally weak rural regions in the context of regional development policies, which programmes/measures they assess as being important (in the future), how they assess the success of the implementation of respective programmes/measures and what they see as supporting or hindering factors. The experts will share their awareness regarding social entrepreneurship, assessments of its potentials for rural development, willingness to support respective initiatives, etc. This way, (e.g. regional/national) differences in policy makers’ attitudes, in their motives for (not) supporting social entrepreneurship – and thus potentials for political support – will be investigated.

This project will be hosted at University of the Aegean / Greece


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