ESR-project 3

“Discourses on regional problems and cultural knowledge patterns”

Work package 1: Challenges and dynamics of structurally weak regions 

The persistence of regional problems is also a matter of discourses on regional problems, represented by cultural narrations and media, and of cultural knowledge patterns they produce. Discourses may either reinforce negative perceptions or support the view that it is time for creative solutions. In other words, leveraging potentials for the support of innovative approaches (e.g. of social entrepreneurship) may depend on the ways in which problems typically are discursively framed and on respective cultural knowledge patterns. They may differ between different regions. Thus, in the ESR 3-project public discussions of regional problems as well as cultural knowledge patterns will be analysed and compared by conducting a qualitative discourse analysis (of regional  newspaper articles) and qualitative interviews with residents. Comparative studies will be carried out for the Mid-West (IE), the Uckermark (DE) and the Mühlviertel (AT).

This project will be hosted at Leibniz-Institute for Research on Society and Space / Germany


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