ESR-project 4

“Social entrepreneurial actors as troubleshooters in rural regions”

Work package 2: On a mission for the region. How social entrepreneurs tackle problems in structurally weak regions 

Social entrepreneurs are known for generating and implementing solutions for social problems. However, there has been limited research to date on what makes them troubleshooters. The aim of this project is to analyse practices and institutional aspects of social entrepreneurial problem solving activities for rural regions. It will be investigated from which definition of the problem they start out, which objectives they define, which activities they engage in, which institutional measures they develop, what difficulties arise, what institutional obstacles occur, which measures are developed to overcome them, how the problem solving process is modified, what are the supportive or hindering factors for specific aspects of problem solving, which organisational structures are built, and how sustainability of problem solving is ensured. The ESR will conduct participant observation during the secondments in the Mid-West/IE, the Uckermark/DE and the Phthiotis/EL region. Furthermore qualitative interviews will be carried out with social entrepreneurial actors and regional stakeholders in order to reconstruct internal and external perspectives on the social entrepreneurial organisation of problem solving.

The project will be host at Ballyhoura Development / Ireland


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