ESR-project 5

“Social entrepreneurship as a collaborative process”

Work package 2: On a mission for the region. How social entrepreneurs tackle problems in structurally weak regions

The ESR 5-project focuses on processes of collaboration and networking. The main research interest is in how social entrepreneurs proceed and succeed with developing new ideas and problem solving mechanisms in collaboration with different stakeholders and how, as collective actors, they bring together the capacities of different people. It will be examined how social entrepreneurial actors network in rural regions, which stakeholders are involved in the problem solving process, to what extent social enterprises are the result of collaborative processes and collaborative action. Furthermore, it is of interest what kind of supportive or hindering factors in terms of (regional and supra-regional) networks can be identified. The research will be executed by qualitative interviews and qualitative network analyses at the selected social enterprises in the Uckermark (DE), the Phthiotis (EL) and the Baixo Alentejo (PT) region.

This project will be hosted at Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography / Germany


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