ESR-project 6

“Tackling social and economic exclusion in a sustainable manner”
Work package 2: On a mission for the region. How social entrepreneurs tackel problems in structurally weak regions

One important question when it comes to solving social problems is how social entrepreneurs address social and economic exclusion. Many peripheral rural locations continue to reflect a strong reliance on agriculture and/or other production-based employment which is often part-time and low-paid. Furthermore, poorly developed and inefficient physical infrastructures often characterise rural locations. Consequently, rural based social enterprises have evolved as a mechanism of regional services delivery, including the integration of people at risk of social and economic exclusion including the unemployed and/or underemployed. ESR 6 analyses the social entrepreneurial strategies developed by social enterprises to tackle rural-based social and economic exclusion. This entails an examination of the types of services delivered, of the contributions to tackling regional social and economic exclusion including job creation, and also of the strategies adopted by individual social enterprises to sustain themselves. The ESR will conduct document these experiences through an analysis of secondary data and qualitative interviews with both social enterprise actors and costumers of the services in the RURACTION regions Mid-West (IE), Phthiotis (EL) and Baixo Alentejo (PT).

This project will be hosted at University College Cork / Ireland


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