ESR-project 7: Anya Umantseva

„Participation of Rural Communities in Social Enterprise: Involvement and Empowerment of Local Stakeholders“

Usually, populations in rural regions are supposed to be hostile to innovations. They are seen as traditionally minded groups which are inclined to preserve existing assets. Following this observation,  social innovations which by definition create novelty would be a challenge. Hence, social entrepreneurs aiming at creating innovative solutions for regional development would have to make particular efforts to convince residents and to empower them for being innovative, otherwise they would not be socially accepted. ESR 7 investigates how social entrepreneurial actors seek to generate creativity in rural regions, how they get residents involved and empowered, which forms of participation they develop, and which are supporting and hindering factors for successful participation. Furthermore, it will be a question which type of innovation is created in rural regions, in how far social innovations partially refer to traditional elements, however combining them in a new way. The ESR will carry out participant observation and qualitative expert interviews with involved actors in the RURACTION regions Uckermark (DE), Mühlviertel (AT) and Phthiotis (EL).    Poster about my research project

This project will be hosted at Roskilde University / Denmark

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