ESR-project 8

“The spatial spread of social innovations. How and under which conditions do innovative social practices “travel”?”

Work package 3: The generation and the impact of social innovations in rural regions

To be considered a social innovation, individual projects offering a novel social practice require a spatial spread of the practice. ESR 8 analyses the spread of innovative solutions as part of an innovationbiography. This will be done for RURACTION initiatives in the Mühlviertel (AT), the Uckermark (DE) and the Baixo Alentejo (PT) region. The regional (and international) spatial spread of the innovative approach will be observed. It is a task of the project to reconstruct the courses of the spreads, to examine driving forces (such as key individuals, the media) and to investigate in how far the original practices are modified by the “mobility process” of social innovation. Qualitative interviews with involved actors and document analyses will be the methodological tools of the ESR 8- project.

This project will be hosted at Leibniz-Institute for Research on Society and Space / Germany



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