ESR-project 9

“The impact of innovative solutions on regional discourses and the perception of rural development”

Work package 3: The generation and the impact of social innovations in rural regions

Contrary to the ESR 3-project, ESR 9 does not look back to  discourses prior to, but parallel to the implementation and the spread of the innovative approaches. It will be examined in how far the implementation of innovative approaches triggers media responses, how they are portrayed in the reports, and how approaches of problem solving are discursively further processed in the respective regions. Furthermore, it will be investigated in how far residents are aware of such innovative approaches to solutions and how they perceive potentials for the development of their region. A qualitative discourse analysis (regional newspaper articles) and qualitative interviews with selected regional residents and decision makers will be conducted for the Mid-West (IE), the Uckermark (DE) and the Mühlviertel (AT). ESR 3 and ESR 9 will work as a tandem, i.e. they exchange empirical findings and jointly discuss results.

This project will be hosted at Otelo eGen / Austria