The RurAction project is divided into three work packages:

Work package 1 “Challenges and dynamics of structurally weak rural regions” (projects 1, 2, 3) will analyse the specific economic, political and cultural framework conditions of RurAction regions. These conditions are considered to be the socio-spatial contexts of social entrepreneurial acting. Both the present situation and potentials for changes will be investigated.  Overview work package 1

Work package 2 “On a mission for the region. How social entrepreneurial actors tackle problems in structurally weak rural regions” (projects 4, 5, 6) we will generate beyond state-of-the-art knowledge of problem solving activities. It will be investigated how social entrepreneurial initiatives institutionally organise their work in problem solving, how they collaborate with others in these processes, and how they tackle social and economic exclusion. Overview work package 2

Work package 3 “The generation, diffusion and impact of social innovations in rural regions” (projects 7, 8, 9, 10)we examine the aspect of innovation in social entrepreneurial acting for rural regions since only little is known about conditions of creating and implementing innovations in structurally weak rural regions. It will be asked how social innovations are generated and how their novelty can be characterised in rural regions, how the innovative practices spread spatially, and which impacts on regional development can be observed. Overview Work package 3