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Secondment at Stevia Hellas Cooperative

In autumn 2019, Georgios, Sunna and Mara spent several weeks at Stevia Hellas, one of the RurAction project partners in Greece. Stevia Hellas is a farmer cooperative producing stevia-products in the Phthiotis region in Central Greece. This is traditionally an agricultural region where olives, tobacco and cotton are grown. The region has to deal with…

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News and Events

Secondment in Moura: 7/7 Barraí Hennebry

Barraí Hennebry, which we see here depicted in his homeland, Cork, in the Republic of Ireland, has been a usual presence in Moura in recent months, where he has developed research work under the RurAction project under the guidance of participating social enterprises. “I hold a bachelor degree in International Development and Food Policy and…

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